How to Check If Someone Has Replayed my Snapchat Story?

If you are a Snapchat user then you might be aware that Snapchat shows only the Total Views of users which means that how many users have viewed your story but it doesn’t tell you that if someone has replayed your story or not.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss that Can Someone Know If you have replayed their Snapchat Story. There are many Snapchat users who are curious to know whether is it possible to know who has replayed the story. However, there seems no official feature or section in the Snapchat application which can tell you about replaying of the story.

replay snapchat story

How to Replay a Snapchat Story?

I guess you might be aware of this regarding replaying of Snapchat Story. If you do not know then when you watch a Snapchat Story and then press the back button after that there will be an option of Replay by which you can replay the story.

snapchat replay story

There is no restriction on Replaying of the story and you can watch someone’s Snapchat Story as many as time you want within the 24 hours of Story’s publication.

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What Happens When you Watch a Snapchat Story?

You might also be curious to know what happens when I watch someone’s, Snapchat Story. Do they get to know whether I’ve replayed the story or not? When you watch someone’s Snapchat Story then the Publisher can check that you have watched their story and there is no such option to know whether the story is replayed or not.

However, in some cases if you watch a Snapchat story less than seconds or you just swipe to the next story instantly then the Snapchat may not count it as a view and the user will not be notified that you have watched their story.

There is one more exciting feature of the Snapchat Stories is that if you take a screenshot of someone’s Snapchat story then the publisher can know that you have taken the Screenshot of the story. If you record the screen while viewing Snapchat story then also user will be notified that you have recorded the screen or took a screenshot of the Story.

Can Someone Know if I Replay their Snapchat Story?

So, here comes the interesting question that whether the publisher can know that if someone has played his story more than once. As we’ve already told that there is no such feature or section for viewing who has played story multiple times.

In the earlier version of Snapchat, there used to be a feature by which you could get an idea if a user has played the story more than once. If someone had viewed your story more than once then Snapchat used to show an emoji in front of the Friend’s Name who has viewed the story multiple times.

But unfortunately, in the latest update of the Snapchat, there is no such way for checking if the story is replayed by someone or not. In the latest update of Snapchat, you have to hold on the Friend’s Name and click on the left circle to view the story.

Once you start viewing someone’s story frequently then Snapchat starts showing that you have viewed their story without telling how many times you viewed it for.


So here we tried to answer your question briefly that there is no such official way of knowing whether the story is replayed or not in the Snapchat. However, the same goes for the Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook, on these platforms also you can’t check whether the story is replayed or not.

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