Learn How to Track Emails with Snovio Email Tracker

You all may have used social media chatting apps. There you can see whether the recipient has got the message or not, whether the recipient has seen the message or not. But while sending an email you don’t seem to expect such things but now the scenario has changed.

Snovio has come up with such a tool that can help you track emails easily. Snovio has named Email Tracker. This tool has a lot of services to offer you. Let’s know about those services.

Learn How to Track Emails with Snovio Email Tracker

Services you get from Snovio Email Tracker

  • You can track emails of multiple email IDs: this is found to be the most preferred method of managing emails. The number of emails you will be logged in you can manage all those email accounts with this one tool.
  • Real-time notifications: You will get the notifications of any action immediately. Suppose you have received an email then you will immediately get the notification. Even if someone opens your email, you will get a notification. If someone clicks an email included in the email, also, you will get a notification with the help of this tool.
  • See the history of emails opens and clicks: You can also check the history of number emails opened. This is how you will get to know what can be the estimated response to your mail.

How to use Email Tracker?

The process of using email tracker is very simple though. You just need to go through the following steps.

  • First of all, you need to add the Snovio Email Tracker as your Chrome extension.
  • Then you need to add your email account to that extension.
  • Then you need to activate those emails in email tracker extension.
  • Then your work gets the final point because after this the tool will do everything.

Advantages of using an Email Tracker Tool

  • You can get information about any email and its movements.
  • You can get to know what is the present status of the email.
  • You can manage the actions of emails.
  • You can track any email and also focus it.
  • You will get notified when any step has been taken forward with the mail.
  • You can postpone email sending.
  • You can deactivate email tracking for a definite email.
  • You can set the notifications if the sent email wasn’t opened, the link wasn’t clicked, and there were no responces to the email you’ve sent.

Why choose Snovio Email Tracker?

  • You must choose email tracker designed by Snovio because this tool does not disturb your personal details. It will only keep a relation with your ID without hampering any other information. Snovio email tracker knows how to keep your information secret.
  • You don’t need to pay any charges to use this tool. You can enjoy the email tracker tool of Snovio without any cost.
  • The email tracking process does not disturb your work process or another system. It completes its work without any noise or disturbance.
  • The amazing fact is that you can run the process with your signature because Snovio email tracker doesn’t believe to put their signature on your email.

Snovio Email Tracker has a lot to offer you but you must give it the opportunity to serve you best.

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