Check If Android Phone is Refurbished or New

If you are planning to buy a new phone, then you should be aware that whether your new mobile is refurbished or not. Recently we’ve seen much news in which the refurbished device deceived customers at the cost of new.

If you buy a brand new mobile phone and later finds that it was refurbished, then it can be painful, and there is nothing you can do about this. So, before buying a new mobile, you should check whether the device is new or not.

check android phone refurbished

Check Device Refurbished or Not

There are no such tactics which can tell you about refurbished without using the mobile phone. A mobile can look like a brand new from the outer area, but you don’t know what’s inside. There have been many complaints to online shopping portals for selling refurbished mobiles by promising them as new.

So, if you have bought a new mobile phone or looking to buy a new phone then here we have written this guide in which you can figure out whether your new mobile phone is refurbished or new. There are many kinds of refurbishments, and by the end of this article you would be able to find out about the condition of the mobile phone.

Precautions to Follow Before Buying a Mobile

There are few things which you should keep in your mind before buying a new mobile phone and below we’ve listed those. Please have a look at those points.

  • At first, check whether all the accessories are inside the box which is mentioned on the mobile box.
  • Then check for packaging whether it was broken or repackaged.
  • Now look for scuffs, scratches, dents, and other physical marks if there is any.
  • Use the serial number of mobile to check the status. (Works for iPhone)
  • The cheap or loose casing on the back or edges of the mobile.

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How to Check Condition of a New Mobile Phone?

After looking for the hardware status now, you’ve to check the software status of mobile whether it was used earlier or not. There are two guides for mobiles above Android version 4.0 and below 4.0.

  • At first, download this application on your new mobile phone from the Google Play Store Phone INFO *Samsung* by vndnguyen.
  • After installing the app, open it, and it will ask for various permissions such as access to Phone Calls, Media, etc. Allow all permissions.


  • Now click on Menu at the top left corner and then select Refurbishment Check.
  • Let the app gather data, and it may take some time to check the Refurbishment status of the device.
  • Once the process is completed, then it will tell you whether the device is original or not.

refurbishment status

  • That’s it, in this way you can easily find out whether mobile is refurbished or not.

How to Check Condition of Phone (Android Below 4.0)

If you’re having a mobile phone which has Android version below 4.0, then follow below mentioned steps to check the status of the mobile phone.

  • Open the Dialer or Phone of your mobile phone.
  • Now dial ##786# (##RTN#). After dialing this RTN, the menu should be opened but if it doesn’t open then dial #*#786#*#
  • Now you will see two options View and Reset. You’ve to click on View.
  • Scroll down, and you will see an option of Reconditioned Status.
  • If there is No under Reconditioned Status, then your device is new and if you see Yes that means your device is refurbished.


This guide can be handy if you are planning to buy a new mobile phone or wants to check the refurbishment status of any device. Most of the people are not aware of this feature which can tell about the status of a mobile phone.

If you have any query or issue regarding the refurbishment of mobiles, then feel free to ask it in the comments section below. Share the article with your friends to let them know about this simple trick.

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